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ESTA Verify/Update Steps



What country are you a citizen of?

What kind of card will you use for payment?

NB! We charge a processing fee of USD 39.00. Do you still want to continue?


We can help you verify your United States travel authorization (ESTA). When the travel authorization has been verified, it is forwarded to you by email in PDF format. It may take up to 72 hours for our travel specialists to verify your travel authorization (ESTA). For each verified application, we charge a fee of $ 39.00 USD. There are several reasons why travelers wish to verify their ESTA online. Below is a list of common reasons.

You can verify your ESTA if:

  • You have lost or forgotten your authorization number
  • You are unsure if you have ever applied for a US travel authorization
  • You are unsure if your US travel authorization has expired
  • You are traveling with someone in your travel group, family or e.g. a colleague that are not certain about the status of their ESTA


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